The Anesthesia Care Team: Understanding Team Effectiveness

Surgical team operating on surgical dummy

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The Anesthesia Care Team: Understanding Team Effectiveness


Today, the nature of work in the healthcare setting is becoming more complex and a team approach to healthcare delivery has become necessary to ensure effective functioning within hospitals and health systems. There is also an emerging and enhanced need for evaluating team effectiveness in the healthcare setting, especially in the operating room and the perioperative care process as surgical care is one of the most expensive categories of medical care. As a result, the prevalence of training interventions designed to optimize teamwork in this industry has increased substantially over the last 10 years (Weaver, Dy, & Rosen, 2014). To help optimize team effectiveness and inform training programs and policy makers about anesthesia team composition, skills and competencies, a better understanding of the anesthesiology care team needs to be established. This project aims to provide a better understanding of the anesthesia care team models in use and causes of variations in team effectiveness.

How is this different from related research?

There is a large body of literature and research on team dynamics, team effectiveness, and team training. Much of this literature is either not industry specific, and/or if related to the healthcare setting it does not focus on the perioperative process or the anesthesia care team.
This research project will bring new insights to clinicians, administrators and policy makers about anesthesia team effectiveness. There is a need for a better understanding before health professional schools follow up with curriculum design and relevant professional associations develop training programs.

Value Proposition

  • Provide a better understanding of team dynamics in the OR and the anesthesia care team
  • Develop a measurement tool to assess team effectiveness for anesthesia care team
  • Determine the selection of relevant patient outcome measures related to anesthesia team
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