Current Projects

The University Sites have new research projects for the 2017-2018 year. On this page you will find the most current CHOT projects. Select the gray circles at the bottom of the screen to reveal the different projects that are within each of the four project clusters – Access to Care, Analytics and Innovative Technology, Care Coordination, and Population Health. Select the hyperlinked project title to download the full PDF version of the report.

Access to Care

Project 01 – 05171.UAB-FAU
Patient Engagement and Hospital Readmissions: The Role of Health Literacy

Project 02 – 05171.TAM
Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Telemedicine on Downstream Health Care Utilization and Costs

Project 03 – 05171.UAB-GIT-PSU
Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Systems to Improve Access and Promote Active Patient Engagement in Rural Communities

Project 04 – 05171.FAU
Development of a Middleware Framework for Medical Device Integration for Telemedicine

Analytics and Innovative Technology

Project 05 – 05171.GIT
Data-Driven Predictive Analytics to Improve Diagnosis, Treatment, Care Coordination, and Resource Utilization

Project 06 – 05171.GIT
Machine Learning for Evidence-Based Practice, Resource Allocation, and Risk Prediction

Care Coordination

Project 07 – 05171.TAM
Using Care Coordination to Address Cost, Quality, and Access to Care Across Systems and Populations

Project 08 – 05171.UAB
Effects of Care Coordination on the Improvement of Quality of Care

Project 09 – 05171.FAU-UAB
Effects of Care Coordination on Care Transitions

Project 10 – 05171.FAU
A Mobile Based Care Coordination System for Critical Care

Population Health

Project 11 – 05171.PSU-GIT
Integration of Populatin Health Data and Digital Assistants to Reduce Readmission Risks

Project 12 – 05171.PSU-GIT
Gamification and its Impact on the Population Health Management of Chronic Conditions

Project 13 – 05171.PSU
Improving Employee and Patient Health through Population Data Mining