Why Join CHOT?

Benefits of CHOT Membership for Industry


  • Gain a competitive advantage on evidence-based innovations in healthcare delivery specific and relevant to industry
  • Engage in a multidisciplinary approach to research
  • Have a valid, neutral third-party perspective by using university researchers to collect and analyze data
  • Enjoy pre-publication access to CHOT research findings at least two years ahead of publication
  • Access CHOT university sites’ resources and facilities
  • Leverage credibility of the NSF CHOT research methodology and rigor to engage physician leaders


  • Work along with other industry members to develop CHOT’s research agenda
  • Develop working relationships with leading researchers from internationally recognized academic institutions
  • Access the  top graduate students from CHOT university sites

Professional Development

  • Co-author peer-reviewed articles with CHOT researchers
  • Co-present at professional conferences with CHOT researchers


$ 42K Research Staff
$ 3K   Materials & Travel
$ 5K   University Overhead


$ 5K CHOT Director
$ 5K CHOT Managing Director
$ 10K Additional University Researchers
$ 10K University Resources & Facilities

You Pay
$ 50K

Total Value
$ 80K

Become a Member

Most observers agree that the old ways of delivering healthcare services are no longer adequate, so stakeholders are increasingly exploring innovative approaches. Industry membership allows partners to be on the forefront of leading that innovation. Our research model relies on the knowledge and experience  of healthcare leaders to guide academic research. This cooperative model ensures that the research is both  meaningful and applicable to the healthcare industry and provides immediate decision support for CHOT members.

  • NSF contributes $50,000 – $100,000 to each University Partner to cover the administrative costs of CHOT, depending on phase
  • Each Industry Member contributes $50,000 per year to its respective University Partner
  • Ninety percent of industry member funding goes directly to research activities
  • The CHOT Industry advisory board (IAB) defines the research agenda for CHOT researchers on a yearly  basis using a project voting mechanism developed by the IAB

Interested in becoming an Industry Partner?

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Current IAB Members and CHOT Researchers

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