Main Line Health System

“Our membership in CHOT gives us access to transformative leadership with academic and business partners around the nation. We share the resources of all of the campuses involved with CHOT, so we can benefit from what’s being learned in all of those programs. Plus as a voting member, Main Line Health can prioritize the research projects CHOT undertakes. Our membership in CHOT shows our continued commitment to leadership in research and innovation, and most especially to expanding on our expertise in population health research”

Phil Robinson, FACHE

President, Lankenau Medical Center

Main Line Health System

“We learned of several targeted interventions that could encourage or facilitate patients’ use of primary care services instead of the ED, especially for non-urgent and chronic conditions. It was a valuable research report that offered actionable data to help improve our ED patient care.”

Sharon Larson, PhD

Professor and Executive Director, Main Line Health Center for Population Health Research at LIMR

American Society of Anesthesiologists logo and staff member headshot

American Society of Anesthesiologists – Former IAB Member

“CHOT is a valuable resource to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and the physician committee responsible for developing and disseminating a base of knowledge around the perioperative surgical home (PSH). There is a real and effective synergy between the CHOT researchers and ASA’s in-house research staff. The CHOT research and reports were the perfect combination of academic rigor and objective qualitative information that was instantly relevant and useful to enhance the productivity of ASA’s concept development phase.”

Thomas Miller, PhD, MBA

Director of Health Policy Research

Robert Bernstein headshot and Avizia company logo

Avizia – Former IAB Member

“From a research standpoint with CHOT we see opportunities to expand beyond the focus of direct to consumer telemedicine projects to research other use cases and expansion of telemedicine to support population health and other initiatives as well.”

Robert Berstein, MD

Vice President of Clinical Affairs