CHOT Insights

CHOT Insights are infographics of key findings from recent CHOT research highlighting evidence-based tools, technologies, and best practices that industry partners can implement within their healthcare organization.

Personalizing Healthcare using Data Analytics and Health Market Segmentation

What steps can hospitals take to enhance personalized healthcare and decrease health promotion costs?

Data analytics and health market segmentation to personalize healthcare

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates

Admissions rates can be reduces – based on a systematic review of the literature – through the following systems-based strategies and interventions:

Systems approach based interventions can reduce hospital readmission rate

Enhancing Interventions in Chronic Disease Management

A "systems thinking approach" to implementing interventions can help healthcare providers achieve a more patient-centered approach to managing chronic diseases.

A systems thinking approach can enhance the implementation of interventions in chronic disease management

Three Strategies to Prevent Physicians Burnout

Physician burnout is a result of chronic mismatches between physicians and six key areas of their work-life. CHOT researchers have highlighted three focus areas to achieve better balance.

Three strategies to prevent physical burnout

Improving Surgical Outcomes by Expanding Residency Training

CHOT researchers evaluated the residency board certification requirements and identified training enhancements that could improve surgical outcomes and reduce costs.

Expanding medical specialty training to achieve improved surgical outcomes and reduced cost

Evidence-based Pediatric Care Models that Produce Results

CHOT researchers determined six evidence-based pediatric primary care models that enhance care quality and reduce costs.

Evidence based pediatric primary care models that produce results

10 Success Factors for Implementing Healthcare Changes

CHOT researchers have studied popular models of change implementation and adapted them to be used in healthcare settings.

10 success factors for the implementation of strategic change initiatives in healthcare

Reinventing Emergency Department Flow via Healthcare Delivery Science

Using a Physician-Directed Queuing model can improve emergency room flow and greatly enhance the patient experience.

CHOT Insights Reinventing Emergency Department Flow via Healthcare Delivery Science

8 Evidence-Based Strategies to Reduce Surgical Costs

CHOT researchers studied common activities before, during, and after surgery, and their impact on surgical care costs and efficiencies. They then determined which activities contribute to improved surgical patient outcomes, operating room, efficiency, and significant cost savings.

8 Evidence-Based Strategies to Reduce Surgical Care Costs