Personalizing Healthcare using Data Analytics and Health Market Segmentation

Hospitals can enhance patient-centered care and decrease health promotion costs by using data analysis to conduct customer-based market segmentation through the following steps:

Step 1

    • Analyze patient data from electronic medical record (EMR) systems

Step 2

    • Segment customer market based on similarities among patients

Step 3

    • Identify homogenous clusters that are “at risk” or “at benefit”

Step 4

    • Develop interventions that target unique patient segments

Step 5

  • Improve Value by providing high quality care at a reduced cost

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Citation: Swenson, E. R., Bastian, N. D., & Nembhard, H. B. (2016). Data analytics in health promotion: Health market segmentation and classification of total joint replacement surgery patients. Expert Systems With Applications, 118-129.