Ensuring responsibility within Affordable Care Organizations (ACO)

the volunteer’s dilemma to ensure patients receive appropriate levels of care interventions in an ACO setting. The three economic mechanisms the model identified as effective were: 1) reassign interventions to optimistic providers, 2) outsource to third party/vendor outside an accountable care organization (ACO), and 3) create a penalty to incentivize. The researchers found that while collaboration in an ACO has major potential, designing incentives appropriately is key to ensure that providers and the ACO have sufficient motivation to act in accordance with ACO principles, based on group performance and specified quality measures. Results can be affected by heterogeneous opinions among providers of any given care intervention’s effectiveness, underscoring the importance of awareness and evidence-based protocols.

Bettinger, B., & Benneyan, J. C. (2016). The volunteer’s dilemma and alternate solutions for ensuring responsibility within accountable care organizations. The Engineering Economist, 1-15.


Research Contact:
James Benneyan, PhD