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The Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT)

The Center for Health Organization Transformation, or CHOT, is an industry-university cooperative research center (I/UCRC) funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and health organizations to conduct research supporting major management, clinical, and information technology innovations in healthcare.

CHOT conducts research to support the implementation of evidence-based transformational strategies within healthcare organizations. Our research model relies on the knowledge and experience of healthcare leaders to guide academic research. This cooperative model ensures that the research is both meaningful and applicable to the healthcare industry and provides immediate decision support for CHOT members.

What is CHOT?

Research Themes

CHOT Industry Partners 2017

CHOT University Sites 2017

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CHOT Leadership Team 2017

Bita Kash, PhD, MBA, FACHE
CHOT Director | Texas A&M University

Norma Padrón, PhD
IAB Chairperson | Maine Line Health

Karan Uppal
IAB Vice Chairperson | Emory University

Lauren Irlinger, MHA
CHOT Managing Director | Texas A&M University

Dr. Eva K. Lee, site director

Eva K. Lee, PhD
Site Director | Georgia Institute of Technology

Conrad Tucker, PhD
Site Director | Pennsylvania State University

Robert Weech-Maldonado, PhD
Site Director | University of Alabama

Nancy M. Borkowski, DBA
Co-Site Director | University of Alabama

Ankur Agarwal, PhD
Site Director | Florida Atlantic Univeristy

Christina, Site director

Christina Mastrangelo, PhD
Site Director | University of Washington

Christopher Johnson, PhD
Site Director | University of Louisville

J’Aime Jennings, PhD
Co-Site Director | University of Louisville

Stephen Timmons, PhD
Site Director | University of Nottingham (UK)

A National Science Foundation Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC)

As a National Science Foundation I/UCRC, CHOT creates a safe, mutually beneficial, cooperative environment
where innovative leading healthcare systems can collaborate.

Research Partnerships

Have a valid, neutral third-party perspective by using university research to collect and analyze data

Evidence-based Strategy

Gain a competitive advantage on evidence-based innovations in healthcare delivery specific and relevant to industry

Competitive Advantage

Pre-publication access to CHOT research findings at least two years ahead of publication

Cost-Effective Research

Access to CHOT university sites’ resources and researchers at discounted university overhead

CHOT Leadership Team

Dr. Bita Kash,headshot

Bita A. Kash, PhD, MBA, FACHE

Dr. Eva K. Lee, site director

Eva K. Lee, PhD
Site Director

James C. Benneyan headshot

James C. Benneyan, PhD
Site Director

Conrad Tucker, PhD
Site Director

Lesley Tomaszewski, site director

Lesley Tomaszewski, PhD
Managing Director

Jamie Gigliotti, site director

James V. Gigliotti
IAB Chairman